Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Woodapple Interactive...Content Consulting and Services

Woodapple's content consulting and services are aimed at impacting key business performance parameters for its customers. The company addresses the enterprise lifecycle through:

* Fragmented enterprise
* Process enterprise
* Integrated enterprise
* Enterprise-to-enterprise
* Virtual enterprise

Woodapple’s offers featured services like:

Enterprise Information Portal development: Woodapple offer to its client's a complete stack-up of Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) consulting and implementation framework. Our services in EIP are focused on bringing to the desktop of an organization a knowledge resource, which integrates with the routine activities of all employees and enhances there ability to transact business with information and hard facts.

Content Consulting: We recognize the value of focused content delivery and its presentation to the targeted audience. Our content strategies to our clients are recognition of this fact and are customized to address the intended target audience. The strategy process starts with purpose definition, audience identification; need analysis, feedback, research and benchmarking.

GUI Consulting: Usability engineering is an approach to product development that incorporates direct user feedback throughout the development cycle in order to reduce costs and create products and tools that meet user needs. Following the completion of usability testing, GUI Designers prepare a report that details our findings and provides recommendations on how to improve your user interface. Woodapple not only provides consulting, but also provides alternative design alternatives wherever required.

Enterprise web strategies: The last few years has seen hectic activities in Enterprises for realizing ROIs from transaction systems like ERP, SCM and CRM. While these activities still continue, organization, have also understood the need of an enterprise content management strategy, which will bring quick and visible returns. Enterprises have learned hard lessons during these transaction system implementations and effective content strategies needs to be tailored around these organization learning.

Woodapple Interactive Pvt. Ltd., a well established development company in India is planning to move up the value chain by concentrating on verticals of technology services and consulting services. We provide IT solution and services with software application development being the core strength. This enables Woodapple, a development company in India to meet the needs of its clients in a most effective and dedicated manner.